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Middle East Network for Animal Welfare MENAW Conference 2007 Recommendations
This conference calls on governments and civil society in the region to:
1. Recognize animals as sentient beings by supporting the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare;
2. Implement the OIE guidelines on animal transport and slaughter;
3. Work towards alternatives for long distance transport of live animals for slaughter;
4. Adopt and implement animal welfare legislation that protects animals from cruelty and suffering, institutes clear enforcement provisions and that reflects the content of these resolutions, and to review and amend existing and pending legislation affecting animals to bring them into compliance with these resolutions;
5. Implement humane methods as recognized by international animal welfare principles for the control of animals;
6. Work with national and international animal welfare societies to develop animal welfare education and animal care programmes;
7. Encourage MENAW to hold a follow-up Middle East / North Africa conference within two years to monitor progress, share lessons learned and agree on further strategic actions.
This conference calls on Al Azhar and other Islamic bodies to:
8. Develop programmes to promote Islamic teaching on concern and care for animals, including in regular sermons in mosques; and
9. Organize a joint workshop with MENAW on Islam and animal welfare, with an aim to producing guidelines to be widely diffused throughout member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.
This conference calls on all religious authorities to:
10. Promote and encourage animal welfare through sermons and other religious teaching.
In addition, this conference urges the media in the region to:
11. Highlight animal welfare issues on a regular basis in order to develop public awareness.
These recommendations were adopted by majority vote at the close of the 2007 MENAW Conference in Cairo on 15 December 2007.

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