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Outcome of ESAF/WSPA event
Follow up to 2008 Islamic Conference on Transport and Slaughter Animal welfare in the global halal standard
A delegation of representatives from WSPA (Trevor Wheeler and Sofia Parente), ESAF (Ahmed El Sherbiny) from International Halal Integrity Alliance (Darhim Hashim and Dr. Hani Al Mazeedi) met with HE The Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar Dr. Mohamed Sayed Tantawi to convey our thanks for the Fatwa that he issued middle of last year and his continuing support of animal welfare issues in Egypt and in particular the issues relating to long distance transportation of animals and slaughter.
During the televised interview with the Grand Sheik, HE personally thanked WSPA for their efforts in global animal welfare and he offered a special thanks to the ESAF.
On Tuesday, 14, April ESAF, The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends organized a forum as a follow on to the conference “The Islamic Principles on Animal Transport and Slaughter”. Which was held in last October. This event was sponsored by WSPA, The World Society for The Protection of Animals, and in association with IHIA, International Halal Integrity Alliance. This event at Sheikh Saleh Center for the Islamic economy at Al Azhar University.
Representatives from GOVS (General Organisation for Veterinary Services), Veterinary Services Departments from Giza, Helwan, Six-of-October Governorates, Basatin slaughterhouse and animal welfare societies agreed to the following points:
1) For the Egyptian competent authorities to put into practice the recommendations of the 2008 conference "Islamic Principles on Transport and Slaughter".
2) For the Minister of Agriculture to expedite the draft animal welfare legislation submitted in 2006.
3) For GOVS to implement the 2005 internationally agreed OIE animal welfare guidelines on transport and slaughter.
4) Seek technical support to improve animal welfare (on transport and slaughter) and halal compliance next to Directorate General Enlargement of the European Union and Islamic Development Bank. The invitation to apply for support has been extended to Egyptian government officials by WSPA and the IHIA.
ESAF will monitor the compliance of these recommendations and a quarter yearly report will be distributed to all stakeholders.

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